Whether you are looking for a full frame off restoration or just an update to your stock suspension, we are here to help customize your vehicle to fit your needs, goals and budget. We specialize in all late or early model cars and trucks.

Founded in 1999 as Jimenez Bros. Customs, we have grown into three distinct shops all flying under the banner “Three Shops, One Family”. All three shops are located in Riverside California, which has been home to some of the most influential hot rod builds from the 40’s to present. We have made a name for ourselves by providing muscle, and classic, car and truck fanatics a place to have their dream rides built, repaired or modified. We provide one of the highest quality builds in the market by taking some of the top builders and technicians and implementing a simple and effective business plan.

We pride ourselves on creating an open and welcoming environment for both customer and employees, so please feel free to give us a call, stop by our shop or schedule a tour, and we would be glad to discuss your build ideas and how we might be able to assist.


Jimenez Bros. Air Ride & Rod Shop was expanded from a small shop handing all aspects of auto building into the idea that custom car building should treat their customers with the same professionalism as the high end auto dealerships. This was going to be achieved by providing a clean and inviting environment and breaking the mold on what custom car shop should look like and how they should be run. We have implemented a strategy of separating our customization, paint and body work, and manufacturing to streamline the process and increase proficiency.

This idea that grew out of the steady criticisms we heard coming from the public that “custom car shops” in general would consistently be over budget, behind schedule, and the work was not done to the original specs. While we have always had great pride in the fact our customers were so complementary of your process, we knew we could always to better and expand on the concepts that made us famous in the first place. by implementing a strict scheduling system and car-to-mechanic philosophy, we have been able to effectively get cars and trucks in and out in a time-frame second to none. If having our project done in a timely manner, at the highest quality, is important to you then please come down and see for yourself how we do business.

We have now grown into three (3) different locations to provide everything from custom fabrication and installation to paint and body work to the manufacturing of suspension systems, we fly under the banner “Three Shops, One Family”. Please check out all of our companies to see how we can do business together and we look forward to work with you.




Job Jimenez

Founder/Co-Owner of Jimenez Bros. Air Ride & Rod Shop and Jimenez Bros. Classic Paints

Job is a lifelong resident of Riverside California and has been involved in the Inland Empire/SoCal car and truck scene ever since he got his drivers license. After cutting his teeth with Tri 5’s in the 90’s he moved on to more full custom projects for other American classics. If it was built in America, you can bet he has work on it. Since Co-Founding Jimenez Bros. Customs in 1999, in a small nondescript shop, they have since expanded into three (3) locations totaling over 25,000 SF. If you look at some of his past projects, you will see why he is one of the most well-known and respected builders, metal fabricators and painters in the area. Clients have been putting his full set of skills of painting, fabrication, design and overall ingenuity to work for them for years, and sure he will create something unique for you as well.

Milo Lipson

Co-Owner of Jimenez Bros. Air Ride & Rod Shop and Jimenez Bros. Classic Paints

Milo is a local businessman who moved to Riverside in the mid 1990’s to attend UC Riverside. After graduating from their business school, he began working in commercial real estate, where he continues to work today. Although successful in his professional life, he has always been fascinated with all things mechanical. He as owned and built everything from imports to lifted truck to motorcycles, and his love for vehicles has never waned. While building his 1970 Impala Convertible (named “Greengo”), he was introduced to Job and the two-likeminded car nuts decided they would be perfect partners to take custom car building to the next level. They began this ambitious dream in 2015, which started with the expansion of his existing business into what it is today. The two of them are always looking for new and exciting ways to implement fresh ideas into the ever changing world of custom cars and trucks.